Bringing Back The Years

Reunion Dinner Dance

The Sixmilebridge Youth Club reunion Dinner Dance took place in the Oakwood Arms Hotel, on the 12 November 2005.

The organising committee had two intentions in mind when putting the event together.

The first was to provide past and present members and leaders of the Club with an opportunity to come together and remember the past, savor the present and look to the future.

The other was to give public recognition and show our collective appreciation to the lady who has given and continues to give so much of herself to the youth of Sixmilebridge, Frances Downes.

Although Frances was aware of the first intention, she was blissfully unaware of the second until the meal ended on the night. Although not a person who enjoys being centre stage herself, she gave a totally unprepared acceptance speech that was both moving and entertaining.

During the meal, we were entertained by a compilation video put together by Ray Maxwell of various performances from 1982 to 2005. Laughter spread across the room from table to table, as faces from the past flashed up on screen, followed by groans and blushes as those faces recognised themselves.

Founding members and new faces of the club then danced up a storm until the wee small hours. With the collective talent of over twenty years of musical productions gathered in the one room, the sing-song and laughter that ended the night were unforgettable!