Puss in Boots Rehearsal Schedule 



September / October / November / December

 Group  Days  Times  Dates
 Singing  Tuesdays  7pm - 8pm  11th September - 18th December
 Dancing  Tuesdays   8pm - 9pm  11th September - 18th December
 Acting  Sundays  12pm - 2pm  16th September - 16th December


 January / February

 Group  Days  Times  Dates
 Full Cast  Tuesday  7pm - 9pm  8th January to 12th February
 Full Cast  Sundays  1pm - 4pm  6th January - 10th February
 Full Cast  Sunday  1pm - 5pm  17th February "Food Sunday"


Technical Rehearsals will take place on Wednesday 20th February and Thursday 21st February.


Performances will take place on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd February, and on Friday 1st March and Saturday 2nd March.